“I am very happy to be here because the doctors and the nurses took very good care of me. I wish them all luck for the prosperity of this hospital.” – Jyoti Kamal Kalita, GNRC Sixmile
“We are very happy with the kind of co-operation that we have received from the doctors and nurses.” – Pranjal Sharma, GNRC Dispur
“I am very happy with the services and care received in this hospital. This hospital has lots of facilities and I wish the hospital a bright future” – Bijoy Das, GNRC Dispur

Healthcare Packages
We offer comprehensive health check-up programmes for busy executives, office goers and all individuals above 35 years of age. In addition, Accident Card offers protection to all in case of Road Traffic Accidents.


Freedom from ill Health

Our aim is to touch one billion lives and inculcate health seeking behavior among members of the population, to build a healthy India. To facilitate people from various walks of life adopt healthy lifestyle practices, we conduct several activities through Swasthya Yatra, a public service initiative.

News & Views

Welcome to GNRC

GNRC (formerly known as Guwahati Neurological Research Centre), the first super specialty healthcare centre in North East India, was established in 1987 by neurologist Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah. Born into the family of a marginal farmer in Sonitpur district of Assam, Dr. Borah has scaled professional and entrepreneurial heights through the sheer dint of his intellectual capability and indomitable spirit, steadfast in his pursuit of delivering ‘Health for All, Smiles for All’, through his social enterprises.

Patient Care

GNRC Hospital Sixmile

GNRC Hospital Sixmile, Guwahati is the second facility of GNRC.

GNRC Hospital Dispur

GNRC Hospital Dispur, Guwahati is the first super-specialty tertiary care hospital.

GNRC Medical North Guwahati

GNRC Medical, North Guwahati, which commenced operation in 2014

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GNRC Hospitals3 days ago
#Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the brain. It is one of the oldest recorded medical conditions. Let us share these #FactsAboutEpilepsy and seizures with people we know. #GNRC #HealthForAll.
#FightEpilepsy #FactsOnEpilepsy #EpilepsyFacts
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GNRC Hospitals6 days ago
#Vertigo refers to a sense of spinning #dizziness that happens when there is a problem with the inner ear, brain or sensory nerve pathway. It can be temporary or long-term. Following are some of the symptoms that indicates that you are suffering from vertigo.
#GNRC #HealthForAll #SymptomsOfVertigo
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Meet our Specialist Doctors at your door-step.
#Nagaon & #BarpetaRoad
GNRC Hospitals
GNRC Hospitals7 days ago
GNRC Hospitals
GNRC Hospitals1 week ago
#Epilepsy is the fourth most common Neurological disease and affects people of all ages. If someone close to you suddenly has a convulsive seizure, there are certain things you can do to help them avoid any additional damage. Below are the few things to do when you see a person having a seizure.#InternationalEpilepsyDay
GNRC Hospitals
GNRC Hospitals1 week ago
It was a proud moment for #GNRC family to get associated in the 88th Annual Conference of Sankardev Sangha.

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Shri Homen Borgohain, Chief Editor, Niyomiya Barta and eminent Litterateur of Assam delivering his speech during a book release programme at GNRC Dispur.

Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah, Founder- GNRC Group of Hospitals and Founder- #AffordableHealthMission recently graced the 26th Foundation Day celebration of Tezpur University, Assam. The full text of his speech is available at https://t.co/nOfD9USCb7

#Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the brain. It is one of the oldest recorded medical conditions. Let us share these #FactsAboutEpilepsy and seizures with people we know. #GNRC #HealthForAll.
#FightEpilepsy #FactsOnEpilepsy #EpilepsyFacts

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