Date: 6-11-2017

Press Release

GNRC announces feasibility of Moya Moya surgery at Guwahati

Moya Moya disease is estimated to be the cause of 6% strokes among children

Guwahati, November 6, 2017: Pioneering quality healthcare in North East India, as ever, GNRC Hospitals announced to the press today the feasibility of Moya Moya surgery at Guwahati. In a press conference organized at GNRC Dispur today, Dr. N K Das, chief consultant of Department of Neurosurgery of the hospital informed the press about the development.

A team led by Dr. N K Das recently operated upon a 13 year old girl from the city who had been suffering from Moya Moya disease. The left side of the brain of the same girl was operated upon on January 2017 at GNRC Dispur with the help of expert surgeon Professor Katsumi Takizawa, Department of Neurosurgery, Japanese Red Cross Hospital, Asahikawa, Japan. But this time the right side of the brain has been operated by Dr. Das himself with his colleagues at GNRC Dispur. This surgery was necessary to complete the treatment of the girl.

Addressing the media Dr. N K Das said, “Moya Moya disease – caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain – affects both children and adults. First detected in Japan, this condition also often afflicts members of the population in North East India, due to genetic ties. The condition is responsible for 6% stroke among children. Moya Moya is a progressive disease where the arteries of brain become narrow and finally get closed. So at later part of life there is decreased blood supply to brain. Due to lack of blood supply brain develops stroke. Following stroke the effected person may develop paralysis of whole body and subsequently succumb to death in very early age.

Treatment of this disease is only surgery by which blood supply to the brain is increased and by this way we can prevent stroke and early death. With the successful completion of the surgery in the girl now we can say that GNRC can handle such complicated procedures on its own without any outside help.”

This is noteworthy to mention here that Dr. Das has completed a Fellowship programme on Moya Moya surgery from Japanese Red Cross Hospital, Asahikawa, Japan.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Navanil Barua, Director, Department of Neurosurgery, GNRC Hospitals emphasized the importance of addressing the growing burden of Moya Moya disease in this region which required surgical treatment to prevent premature mortality of the effected person.


Mrinal Ali Hazarika

Asst. Manager- PR, Marketing

GNRC Hospitals


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