Health is a fundamental human right and critical for human dignity. A healthy population is essential for socio-economic growth – it determines average life expectancy, number of persons in productive age bracket, productivity, earning capacity, employment, contribution to welfare, etc. of a society. However, health problems are increasing each day with the rise of pollution, consumption of contaminated water and adoption of unhealthy lifestyle practices. But good health of a community is essential for its peace, happiness and prosperity. Preventive healthcare, promotive healthcare, early intervention and healthy lifestyle practices can address such health problems. This is how each member of society can achieve freedom from ill-health.

To support your pursuit of health, well-being and prosperity, we combine the science of medicine with the art of healing, to facilitate “Health for All, Smiles for All”. At GNRC, we are convinced that ‘Quality’, ‘Value’ and ‘Trust’ are the bedrock for effective healthcare delivery.


Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah
CMD, GNRC Hospitals