Consultant, Neuropsychiatry, GNRC Medical, Barasat


  • MBBS in the year 2005
  • MD (Psychiatry) in the year 2013


  1. 1-year senior residency (2013-2014) in Drug Deaddiction Centre, Dept of Psychiatry, Pt B.D Sharma P.G.IMS, Rohtak, Haryana.
  2. Psychiatrist in charge Child guidance clinic in Antara.
  3. Visiting Psychiatrist in National Neuroscience Centre, Kolkata.

Milestones & Professional Memberships:

  1. Ghosh M, Gupta R, Arya S, Rathee 5, Rawat seeking behaviour in adolescents, Factors associated with treatment Int J of Medical Science and Put substance abusers in a de-addiction centre in north India. blic Heaith 2014:3:4 376-1380,
  2. Gupta R. Ghosh M, Kumar V, Rathe ghts from patients Seeking treatment in drug de-addiction centre: a retrospective Study of 2 years. Accepted for Publication in Journal of rural and community Psychiatry201 ‘ ®@ S. Gaining insiof Rural and Community Psychiatry 2014;1(2):16-20.
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