Sr. Consultant, Neurology, GNRC Dispur


  • BSc (Honours) in 1981 from Guwahati University
  • MBBS in 1986, from Guwahati University
  • Diploma in Clinical Neurology in 2015
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
  • Trained in Neurology Botulinum toxin injection, Epidemiological studies

Experience, milestones & professional memberships

  • Over 25 years of working experience in Neurology
  • Experience in thrombolytic therapy
  • Treated over 10,000 stroke patients
  • Actively involved in Critical Care Neurology
  • Worked as co-investigator in number of neurological research projects
  • Co-authors of several scientific articles in index journals
  • Member of Indian Medical Association
  • Member of Indian Academy of Neurology
  • Member of Indian Stroke Association
  • Member of NE Association of Neuroscientist