Guwahati, 28 Nov: A book release programme was organized today at Dispur unit of GNRC Hospitals where a book titled “Daktor Aaru Rogir Jugalbandi” written in Assamese by eminent Neurologist and writer Dr. N. C. Borah, Chairman of GNRC Hospitals was released. Noted journalist, litterateur and intellectual Mr. Homen Borgohain released the book along with veteran journalist Mr. Dhirendra Nath Chakarborty. While addressing the audience, as the Chief Guest of the event, Mr. Chakraborty opined that Dr. N.C. Borah deserves to be awarded the Padmashree or Padma Bhushan by the Government of India.

Speaking about the book, Mr. Borgohain said, “Dr. N.C. Borah has already received international recognition as a doctor as well as hospital administrator. His unique thoughts and works have already drawn the attention of World Bank. Besides being a great doctor, he is also an accomplished writer on health care. He is the only Assamese medical scientist who digs deep and writes about various important issues such as how an ideal doctor should be, how should be the relationship between a doctor and a patient, the role of religious and spiritual thinking in health care and factors which have the maximum impact on a patient’s mind,” he said. For him, health care is not a profession; rather it is his natural calling, he added.

Dr. Borah expressed his gratitude towards Mr. Borgohain and Mr. Chakraborty for their support and he thanked the esteemed audience, which included select luminaries from various fields, for their presence. Dr. Borah said, “This book has become possible only because of the initiative of Mr. Homen Borghain. Without his guidance and support it would have been never possible for me to bring out a book like this.”

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