Guwahati based Super Specialty Hospital GNRC has achieved yet another milestone with the first successful Stealth Endoscopic Tenotomy procedure in the Eastern region. This is only the 10th instance of this procedure in the entire country. A team of surgeons led by Paediatric Surgeon Dr. Toijam S Lyngdoh, Dr J P Sharma and Anaesthesists Dr. Hitesh Sarma, Dr. Arup Sarma and Dr. Deepanita Barman carried out the procedure on a 7 year old female child from Lakhimpur district of Assam. The child was suffering from the problem of a wry neck since the age of 6 months, which worsened with age. Though her parents had visited a number of doctors but the situation did not improve. During a medical check-up camp held at Lakhimpur by GNRC Hospitals, the problem came into the notice of Dr. Toijam S Lyngdoh. Her father wad advised to visit the Guwahati based GNRC Hospital for further treatment. On subsequent visits to GNRC, the child was diagnosed with Congenital Torticollis with Mild Kyphosis.

Torticollis is a medical condition where fibrosis of the neck muscle leads to thickening and shortening of the muscle. It was affecting the overall look of the child in turn lowering her self-confidence. On Dr. Lyngdoh’s counseling the child’s father agreed for ‘Stealth Tenotomy.’ In Stealth procedure, large incisions are avoided with small incisions made in inconspicuous locations so that no scars are visible on the body of the patient. In her case the incision was made in the armpit and tenotomy done at the neck. Nowadays people are quite concerned about post-surgical scars or marks. Stealth procedures help one avoid such scars. Other benefits of this procedure include availability of a magnified view of the surrounding anatomy leading to less injury to vital structures; better healing of the wound and lesser costs. Moreover these are done as day care procedures meaning one can get admitted in the hospital in the morning and can get discharged in the evening after the surgery. In this case, Dr. Lyngdoh completed the surgery in just 2 hours. He said, “The child is recuperating well now and her deformity in the neck has been significantly corrected. It is expected to become completely normal in a few weeks with regular physiotherapy sessions. We are fully equipped to successfully handle any such cases in the future as well.’’ The cost of the procedure was around Rs. 30,000. Mr. Ratul Borah, father of the child and a teacher by profession expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Lyngdoh along with his team and the hospital authorities for adding a new lease of life to his daughter.

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