Guwahati, 3rd December, 2014: GNRC hospitals in association with Ree Labs has started the Stem Cell Therapy for the first time in North-East. They have successfully infused the autologous Stem Cells in a patient from Silchar who was suffering from a debilitating heart condition known as chronic poorly compensated heart failure. Speaking at a press-meet held at GNRC hospitals, senior consultant cardiac surgeon and the primary consultant of the patient Dr. Bikash Rai Das informed that-“Stem Cell Therapy is a fast growing area of medical therapy. Research into how stem cells can cure a number of conditions has been extensive over the past 3 decades and here at GNRC we are proud to be at the forefront of this breakthrough treatments”. He also said that at GNRC, they can use Stem Cell therapy to treat over 25 treatable conditions including heart conditions, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),joint conditionssuch as osteoarthritis, diabetes and much more. In a presentation made on the occasion, Dr. Das emphasised that this new modality of treatment has already changed the way in which many ailments are viewed and stem cell therapy can focus a ray of hope to many ‘no hope disorders.’ He also said that the potential of stem cells to relieve or reverse previously incurable diseases is literally changing the face of medicine today.

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