Feedback from our patients (GNRC Sixmile)

Jyoti Kamal Kalita
I am very happy to be here because the doctors and the nurses took very good care of me. I wish them all luck for the prosperity of this hospital.
Kangabam Priyanka Devi
"GNRC is very good in patient care. Earlier, I had heard and now I have experienced that the doctors and nurses work day & night. Please do take care of your health. Along with your patient, you too are human."
Brojen Deka
"We received best service, overall good experience. Well behaved staff. Hospital is very clean. Hope to experience the same in future."
K C Marwein
"Special thanks to Dr. G.C. Nath and also to sister Hoinu & Sangita for the care, polite service & never-fading smile. Inspire other nurses. May God bless you all, to serve patients better."