Feedback from our patients (GNRC Dispur)

Pranjal Sharma
We are very happy with the kind of co-operation that we have received from the doctors and nurses.
Bijoy Das
I am very happy with the services and care received in this hospital. This hospital has lots of facilities and I wish the hospital a bright future
Girin Tamuly
"The patients coming from remote places of this region need a sympathetic gesture and guidance as soon as they reach GNRC, since everyone who comes, have great expectation and are also coming from a long distance. My personal observation is that GNRC is aptly handling this aspect."
Lilambar Gohain Baruah
"Attention and care provided by the nurses is commendable. Special thanks to all the doctors."
Anyen Rengma
"Keep it up. Thanks to you for all your service."
Nareswar Medhi
"Dr Anup Boro, Dr P K Gupta and whole cardiology team have provided excellent service and have been dutiful. Dr N C Borah’s advise and manner of speaking to the patients, especially to me, is God-like."
Annada Saikia
"Very good experience with nursing care and the treatment provided in this hospital. I think it will help many patients who seek for better treatment and make them recover swiftly from their ailments. Thank you."
Makhan Debnath
"I would like to say thank you. We are happy with the support provided by the office staff and thankful to all nurses and doctors who attended to me."
Ashif Md Hussain
"Excellent staff, excellent cooperation. Management is awesome, environment is friendly and cleanliness is maintained. Thanks a lot, GNRC Dispur Team."
Hosking Lyngdoh
"GNRC has kept its word…QUALITY, VALUE , TRUST. Overall, a great experience. All the best for the future."

Feedback from our patients (GNRC Sixmile)

Jyoti Kamal Kalita
I am very happy to be here because the doctors and the nurses took very good care of me. I wish them all luck for the prosperity of this hospital.
Kangabam Priyanka Devi
"GNRC is very good in patient care. Earlier, I had heard and now I have experienced that the doctors and nurses work day & night. Please do take care of your health. Along with your patient, you too are human."
Brojen Deka
"We received best service, overall good experience. Well behaved staff. Hospital is very clean. Hope to experience the same in future."
K C Marwein
"Special thanks to Dr. G.C. Nath and also to sister Hoinu & Sangita for the care, polite service & never-fading smile. Inspire other nurses. May God bless you all, to serve patients better."

Feedback from our patients (GNRC Medical, North Guwahati)

Rama Kanta Baro
"The way Dr Amit Ranjan Baruah treats patients sets an example for every doctor, because it really touches the heart of patients."
Arnab Saikia
"GNRC North Guwahati is doing a great job as it provides valuable treatment to patients at a very low cost. We are happy with doctor and all staff here. Thanks."
Kamoli Boro
"We are happy with the services and care provided by this hospital. We are happy to experience the free bus services."
Geet Kalita
"I am satisfied with all the services of GNRC Hospital and wish them luck for future."
Birendra Kumar Saikia
"This ‘Medical’ is a very good ‘Medical’. The care provided to my father by the doctor and nurses is excellent. Other impressive part of GNRC Medical is the hospitality and cleanliness."
Buli Bala Boro
"I am highly satisfied with the care and treatment provided by doctors and nurses and other staff. We are happy with the operation performed by Dr. Sunil Malla Bujar Barua."
Puran Saikia
"We have come from Mangaldai, we are satisfied with all doctors & nurses. Our patient is cured within a week."
Mani Ram Saikia
We are really delighted with the care and treatment provided by the doctors and nurses. God bless you.

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