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The World Heart Federation (WHF) is a nongovernmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. The World Heart Federation is committed to uniting its members and leads the global fight against heart disease and stroke, with a focus on low-and middle-income countries.

GNRC Hospitals is providing Free Health Camp (RBS, BP, BMI) on the eve of World Heart Day 2017.

Prevention Camp Date Venue Details
22nd & 23rd September 2017

23rd September 2017; 3:00 PM

Big Bazaar

@Big Bazaar

Free Health Camp

Free Health Talk

24th & 25th September 2017 Central Mall Free Health Camp
22nd September  2017 7 Medishops Centres Free Health Camp
25th & 26th September 2017

26th September  2017

GNRC, Dispur

Auditorium,  GNRC Dispur

Free Health Camp

Free Health Talk

26th September 2017 GNRC Hospital, Sixmile Free Health Camp
26th September  2017

26th September 2017; 3:00 PM

GNRC Medical, North Guwahati

Auditorium, GNRC, North Guwahati

Free Health​ Camp ​Free ​Health Talk